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We provide Keynote speeches, workshops, seminars, and full course options for individuals, groups, agencies, and organizations.


We work in conjunction with current developing projects to assist in providing expertise to satisfy specific requirements for deadline completions.



We offer personal counselling, life-coaching, and mentoring on an individual or group basis. Our counselling specializes in personal growth and development, leadership skills, and relational mindfulness.


Dr. Christopher DiCarlo
Through the application of tools such as the ABC’s of Critical Thinking, the Five Step Process for Assessing Ethical Dilemmas, and Relational Systemics, we use responsible reasoning skills to best meet your needs.  

Assessing, evaluating, and determining your needs requires the proper diagnostic tools. The precision and clarity that proper, responsible reasoning provides saves not only time and money, it more sharply defines one’s values. Our goal is to determine which strategies will most effectively meet your values so you can more clearly and confidently meet anticipated goals and directives.


Critical Thinking and Ethical Reasoning has rules – and not just any rules – universal rules. Like mathematics, responsible thinking is defined in accordance to how one abides by or deviates from these rules. Everyone must play by them regardless of their beliefs, nationality, gender, age, etc. Once you learn these rules, you will be empowered with greater capacities to organize your thoughts, state what you mean, be heard, and be both receptive and critically aware of what others say and believe.


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